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FAQs of Cavilla Hair Tonic


1. Does it only work on the scalp? 

Besides applying Cavilla Hair Tonic on the balding or needed areas of your scalp, it works on hairline as well. If you think your forehead appears too wide or high, apply this tonic on your hairlines to promote more hair growth.

2. How to use & when to use? 

After shampooing and drying up hair, apply Cavilla Hair Tonic on clean and dry scalp. Gently tap with your fingers and let it slowly absorb into your scalp. Note: If you use a hair dryer, avoid hot temperature and do not blow it directly on your scalp as it may damage the nutrients. It is recommended to use twice a day- every morning and night for best results.

3. How long till I can see results? 

Some customers see results from as early as 3-4 weeks to a few months. It varies with every individual, depending on how consistent you use it and how your body reacts to it. Even if you use the best hair tonic and apply it diligently everyday, you have to be patient as you will not see results immediately. 

4. Will it sting or cause discomfort? 

You may experience a light sensation when first using Cavilla Hair Tonic. Even though this product uses various traditional Chinese herbs to strengthen hair roots and is free of harmful and harsh chemical ingredients, the natural ingredients may evoke some stinging or numbness on your scalp at first, as you may not be used to the stimulation. We usually advise a lighter usage for a start.

5. How can I ensure this product is authentic? 

All authentic Cavilla products have a valid QR code at the back of the packaging. We are aware that some e-commerce platforms are selling at way cheaper prices, please be aware that they might be counterfeits.

6. I'm pregnant. Is this safe for me to use? 

We would not recommend the use for pregnant moms. Even though this product is safe, pregnant moms should be more careful with any products during pregnancy. It is however, safe for nursing moms. We know some brave beautiful moms experience postpartum hair loss, this product will definitely help as you recuperate! 

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