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FAQs of Cavilla Eyelash Serum


1. What is it used for? 

Cavilla Eyelash Essence effectively awakens the sleeping eyelash follicles and promotes hair growth- making lashes grow thicker, longer and stronger.

2. Does it only work on eyelashes? 

Besides applying Cavilla Eyelash Essence on both upper and lower eyelashes for growth on volume and length, it works on brows as well- apply the serum and fill in the emptier spots for darker brows!

3. Can I use it even when I am on eyelash extensions? 

Cavilla Eyelash Essence does not contain oil that breaks down the lash glue so you can apply this serum on the roots of your eyelashes even when you're on eyelash extensions to protect them from getting weaker. However, try to avoid usage on new extensions for the first 3 days. With consistent usage, your lashes will be stronger to hold your next extensions better!

4. How to use & when to use? 

Apply Cavilla Eyelash Essence on both upper and lower lash lines every morning and night after washing and drying up for best results. It is best effective if you use it twice a day.

5. How long till I can see results? 

It varies with every individual. Some customers see results from as early as 3-4 weeks to a few months. It depends on how consistent your usage of the product is, and how your body reacts to the serum. Even if you use the best eyelash serum and apply it diligently everyday, you have to be patient as you will not see results immediately; you should not over apply it as well.

6. Will it sting or cause discomfort? 

Cavilla Eyelash Essence is generally gentle on the lashes, however, as the area around our eyes is more sensitive as compared to the rest of our skin, some customers may not be used to the active ingredients that stimulate blood circulation. Even though none of Cavilla users have feedbacked that they felt sting or discomfort, we would usually advise a lighter usage for a start.

If you notice your eyes areas have gotten to an obvious darker shade, it could be because you over-apply or the skin around your eyes is not used to the blood circulation. Do not worry as it will go away in a few days' time; try not to directly apply on your skin but only on the roots of your lashes. 

7. How can I ensure this product is authentic? 

All authentic Cavilla products have a valid QR code at the back of the packaging. We are aware that some e-commerce platforms are selling at way cheaper prices, please be aware that they might be counterfeits.

8. I'm pregnant. Is this safe for me to use? 

We would not recommend the use for pregnant moms. Even though this product is safe, pregnant moms should be more careful with any facial products during pregnancy, as even eye drops are not advisable. It is, however, safe for nursing moms. 

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